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VGA to Component Transcoder
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VGA to Component Transcoder

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The VGACTV2 is a general purpose VGA to Component Video transcoder that will theoretically work with all valid horizontal scan rates all the way from 240p/15khz to all VGA resolutions only limited by the analog video bandwidth (300MHz). Since this transcoder is used in various complicated setups (arcade emulator setups), the board includes debug information and easy access to sync signals synthesized by the transcoder, which can help debug problems. The following are the device specs and feature list.

Sync Compatibility:

  • HV Sync (Any Polarity)
  • Composite Sync (3.3V to 5V)

Video Signal Compatibility:

  • Video Input: 0.7Vpp Signal @ 75Ω termination
  • Video Output: 1.4Vpp Signal with series 75Ω output resistance, ~300mV Sync Tip
  • Will work with any DC offset at input
  • Output biased at 0V
  • Output disabled until valid signal detected


  • Free running composite sync, horizontal sync, and vertical sync output regardless of the type of incoming cync
  • Video Info Silkscreen that displays incoming signal lock and horizontal frequency

Sync Generation and Extraction

24719 43020 63686
Composite Sync generated from HV Sync Free running phase locked Horizontal Sync from Csync Vertical Sync extraction from Csync

Setups and In Game Captures

55521 30181 28387 82021 42886 77870
Getting component output from a TG16 using TG16AVAMP Getting component output from a Dreamcast No Signal indication Low Res Signal indication Legendary Axe (TG16) Marvel vs Capcom (Dreamcast)

Product Reviews

Jonathan BourassaOct 5 2019 @ 3:28 pm
I have owned one of these for about a year now, I also tried alternative on eBay but I stuck to this one. Of all I tried 3 different models so far this is the one with the best quality and didn't get any noise interference in the signal. Well worth it.
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KM in DetroitSep 23 2019 @ 6:31 pm
works great!
I have been driving my CRT tv through component cables at 480i and wanted something closer to authentic for arcade games. I looked into modding my TV for RGB but decided to give the VGACTV a try. I'm super happy with the results! Arcade games in GroovyMAME are noticeably sharper than my old setup and I didn't have to solder.
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ErikAug 18 2019 @ 11:26 pm
Wonderful product. Never had any issues with it, and it was around before other products were. The price could come down a bit now that Jam's selling one for much cheaper, but this transcoder will serve you well!
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