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SCART/VGA Switch - 6 Port
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SCART/VGA Switch - 6 Port

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This switch is a 6 channel input, 1 channel output with auto switching select. Each channel can accept either RGB SCART input (with integrated audio on the connector) or separated RGB input with audio over RCA connectors. The RGB input can accept either HV Sync or Composite Sync at any resolution, while the SCART input can accept either 15KHz or 31KHz video using composite video, composite sync, or sync on green. The switch drives all video outputs simultaneously when an input is detected in auto mode or when in manual mode.

Front and Back Panel Details

16174 68406
Front Panel Input Selects Back Panel Audio/Video Output Board

Input Sync Compatibility (SCART):

  • Composite Video
  • Composite Sync (3.3V Only)
  • Sync on Green
  • 15.7KHz or 31KHz

Input Sync Compatibility (VGA):

  • Horizontal/Vertical Sync (3.3V to 5V)
  • Composite Sync (3.3V to 5V)
  • 15.7KHz to 64KHz

Video Output Board:

  • VGA Output with selectable sync output - Can output Compsite Sync or HV Sync
  • Component Video - Same specs as VGACTV2
  • S-Video
  • Composite Video
  • All video outputs can be used simultaneously

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